Promotional Towels

Towels with PES Jacquard Border

An effective way to promote with reasonable prices. 

We are producing custom made designs for the promotional towels.

Min. order quantity is low.

Towels with Embroidery Designs

Very flexible way for promotion. We can make mullti color logos with embroidery technic. There is no color limitation. Also, min. order quantities are very low for embroidery designs.

Not so suitable for big logos. Usually, we use this technic for small and medium designs.

Yarn Dyed Jacquard Towels

The most stylish and impressive promotion items. They looks so nice and the touch feeling is always better than other technics. They will be softer and more shiny. We can use limited colors.

Relief Jacquard Towels

This technic is used for mono color relief jacquard designs. The min. order quantity is not so much. The prices are acceptable.

Printed Towels

There are different kind printing methods for promotion textiles. But in every case, the printed promotional towels don't have a very long lifetime for the print designs as much as other technics. Otherwise, there is no limitation for the colours.